The Ammergauer Meditation Path

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    The Ammergauer Meditation Path

    When hiking, draw strength on the meditation path Ammergau Alps

    For exactly one year now I live in Murnau am Staffelsee. I have settled in and settled down. But something is missing: except for a few short trips in the area, I still have no plan, no "big picture". That's what I think about Goethe, who, as you know, said:

    Only where you were on foot, you were really

    JW Goethe

    On these smaller excursions and walks in the area, I noticed these signs again and again. These steles belong to the meditation path Ammergau Alps and describe the places they are in different ways: factually, historically and spiritually.

    Thus the plan matured to go this meditation way from the Wieskirche over monastery Rottenbuch, over the Hörnle, by Oberammergau and monastery Ettal up to the lock Linderhof.

    Start at the Wieskirche

    It's hot, the sun is burning. A beautiful Saturday afternoon in July, we sit in the shade sweating at the train station Murnau and wait for the train. I feel in a holiday mood. Some tourists with backpacks are waiting at the train station, and later in the train we do not notice our rucksacks. Although, we are the only ones who have sleeping pads with us. After the transfer to the bus and a bus ride through the Pfaffenwinkel we arrive after about 1.5 hours at the Wieskirche in Steingaden on.

    The Wieskirche is a magnificent church, which was built in 1745 as a place of pilgrimage. We explore this place in wonderment: what glory has turned to stone. Afterwards we explore the directly adjacent kiosks, which offer all sorts of trinkets and important things, as well as the economy. After "undressed" with a lot of sugar and a coffee we started our journey - the Ammergauer meditation way.

    It's afternoon and not so hot anymore, we are making good progress. We walk comfortably over fields and forests Wildsteig, Again a church and below it a Lourdes grotto built by the citizens of Wildsteig itself, which is already somewhat dilapidated.

    The path to Wildsteig (and later) mostly runs on tar roads, sidewalks and rarely on wide forest trails. Meanwhile, it's time to look around for a shelter. Until Rottenbuch, or shortly before, we want to come. Shortly before seven o'clock, we are hungry, succumbing to the temptation, our tent quite neatly on the Camping in Rottenbuch set up - and a decent schnitzel to move.

    Rottenbuch, Ammerschlucht and Saulgrub

    Rottenbuch is a pretty village, dominated by the large monastery. Again, we are drawn to the church.

    Slowly, a knowledge germinates in me. The make a pilgrimage has a different, special charm: the goals, the rock-turned ponies, are a stark contrast to the goals that other hikers usually head for. I am already content with a cathedral made of tree, if I then find a flat, wind-protected and also comfortable piece of earth for the night, and then a watercourse in not too far away, I am already impressed. But now, at 25 to 30 °, I am quite glad to escape from time to time in the cool interior of a church can.

    Directly behind the monastery a path descends through the forest. A small stream accompanies us, and soon we see them bunting for the first time. How wild it is down here! Soon it goes up again and into the sun. Through the village Schoenberg we are fast through and begin the descent to Bad Bayersoien, Down here, the path leads through a beautiful area of moss, again and again interspersed with small groves. In Bayersoien then we decide against the Seeumrundung and for the direct route to the kiosk. It's so hot that we collapse under a tree and fall asleep right away. No hassle, we just enjoy the hiker-free afternoon at the lake and at the kiosk.

    Ammerleiten and Scheibum

    After the midday heat we shoulder our backpacks and find our way down to the Ammerschlucht at the Ammer directing, That's how hiking trails have to be! Woody, mossy, trailig, a constant ups and downs. We drink Ammerwasser, and look for a flat patch of soil for the night. But we have time, and so we can either choose the nicest place or just keep running until dusk. In the high grass at Scheibum we sleep in the forest. The next morning we leave a lot of time, down here it was damp, everything is covered by thick drops of condensation water and the morning sun needs something to reach us over the tops.

    Sometimes you have to make compromises when choosing a bed and breakfast: either protected from the view or illuminated by the morning sun. Unfortunately, both were not possible at the Scheibum at the same time. We pack together and have breakfast in the sun at the bridge, fill up our water supplies, because it gets hot again. The climb towards Saulgrub is soon done, but I noticed the slightly limping walk of my company. An hour later, I decide to cancel the tour. In Saulgrub Let's cover ourselves with some snacks, then hitchhike Staffelsee and let the day fade away on the beach.

    The unfamiliar burden of the lightweight but still existing backpack in combination with the constant up-and-down kilometers, take its toll. For a very long time I had the knee pain after the Heimgarten - Herzogstand Fight monster tour, and it would be a shame to have to take a longer break now. It does not break our jaws from the crown, if we go the remaining stages of the Meditationsweg Ammergauer Alps distributed over several weekends.

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