Alpstein: Marwees crossing

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    Alpstein: Marwees crossing

    We arrived late (2:45 pm) in Wasserauen am Alpstein, so we turned over the classic "Marwees tour" and walked a bit up the hill towards Bogartenlücke, but then kept right towards Meglisalp. After two hours, partly in the humid rain, we arrived there. 

    On the Meglisalp we got lucky with two more beds. After dinner and some panache it became too much, too loud, and we crawled into the beds. It seems to be a true tourist magnet, this Meglisalp.

    On the morning after the ascent to Bötzelsattel we discovered that we had the pot, fuel bottle, cup, coffee, etc., but only the burner itself was still in Constance. So the breakfast kitchen stayed cold, we pushed some muesli bars and went on to the ram-saddle. Unimpressed by the blue and white mark we went straight on, up to the Marwees. The Marweesgrat has a striking summit at 2056 meters at the western end and forms the left wall of the normal view of the Seealpsee. The ridge crossing occurs between Bogartenlücke and Widderalpsattel.

    Well, what can I say about the Marweesgrat, except: fantastic! Emperor weather, barely clouded view, great views and a great, exciting route! A great alpine tightrope walk, which definitely stimulates the pulse in some places. At 12:30 o'clock we started the descent, because the last piece down to the Bogartenlücke is quite steep and violent. Here extreme caution is required, a misstep can have at least painful consequences. But even longer and tougher then was the descent back to Wasserauen, where we arrived at 16:30 and enjoyed the first warm meal of the day, a Cervelat, and a Panache.

    Conclusion: the Marwees is wonderful, but I would make the tour but classic, ie from the Bogartenlücke out to Meglisalp. The other way around, as we have gone, the descent goes down hard in the bones.

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