Alpine Hardshell: Direct Alpine Guide Jacket

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    Alpine Hardshell: Direct Alpine Guide Jacket

    The Directalpine Guide Jacket in the test - a perfect companion for rain, wind, snow and ice.

    Features of the Directalpine Guide Jacket

    The Czech mountaineering outfitter Direct Alpine has with the Guide Jacket a three-ply Hard Shell Jacket developed, which is robust, wind and waterproof and also very breathable. The weight corresponds to a 2.5-layer hardshell, can be extremely small in the hood to be wrapped and thus saves space in the lid compartment of the backpack. The alpine hardshell jacket has a spacious chest pocket for mobile phone and card, a sleeve pocket and an inside pocket. The forearm ventilation is done over very long zippers, which also allow access to pockets of the lower layer. The shoulder area is reinforced and at the lower back, a gather ensures that the jacket stays close to the body and thus less heat is lost.

    Pore-free membranes: Ezanagi and Dermizax

    In the jacket are the non-porous membranes Ezanagi by Amaterrace (producer of eVent) as well dermizax built by Toray. A clever combination of hydrophobic and hydrophilic molecules directs the water vapor outwards. The advantage over a membrane with micropores is obvious: it can not clog anything. Also, the breathability itself is increased again: the higher the concentration difference (or the vapor pressure gradient) of the water vapor between inside and outside, the higher the water vapor permeability.


    Above all, I was convinced by the Jack cut! You have absolute freedom of movementbecause the jacket is cut short at the front. The back is ergonomically shaped and long, so that you can sit on it while sitting down and no wind comes in. The jacket is unisex, so slightly wider cut, which still fits a thick fleece or a thin down jacket underneath. Great is also the high, perforated collarwho allows a free breathing. The main zipper runs asymmetrically, so it does not bother the face. The hood can be adjusted easily and accurately and can also be worn over the helmet. To keep the jacket in place during exercise-intensive sports, detachable "suspenders" are included, with the help of which you can fix the jacket in the crotch.

    Small and fine details

    At the bottom of the arms are small loops attached for secure attachment of the gloves. On the label the inside pocket of the jacket allows the owner to record the most important personal data so that he can be identified in case of emergency or notified in the event of loss of the jacket. The jacket has different reflective logos and one Recco reflectorwhich can be removed for summer use. Recco is an avalanche rescue system consisting of transmitter and receiver as well as the passive reflector. More about the functioning of the Recco system offers the Wikipedia article.


    Above all, the Direct Alpine Guide Jacket impresses with its sophisticated, well thought-out details. You just notice that the developers of Direct Alpine are themselves mountaineers and mountain guides. No matter which outdoor activity, the guide always offers the best protection and you can concentrate carefree on the tour. The only thing that bothered me a bit, that you can not open the main zipper with one hand. But this is due to the waterproof processing that you do not want to do without.

    An important point to conclude:Made in Europe"- DirectAlpine produces 80% of its high quality equipment in Europe, mostly in the Czech Republic.



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