Albbruck - sport climbing in the southern Black Forest

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    Albbruck - sport climbing in the southern Black Forest

    One day off in the middle of the week and always looking for new climbing areas? That's what happened to us, and of course we also found an area (still undiscovered) for us: the climbing garden Albbruck.

    A trail leads through the forest until rocks suddenly flash from the foliage. Tower up to thirty meters Erika rocks and Wasserschlossfluh up. As I approached, the rock was not so appealing to me, it looked so smooth and greasy, probably polished smooth and round by the water! My first conscious contact with gneiss. Laying on of hands, poof. It's not that bad. Actually, it's pretty handy, splendidly structured, blocky and edgy. As there was already a lot going on at Erikafels on our arrival, we hiked on the search for beautiful, easy routes towards Wasserschlossfluh.

    The hedge is exactly in the right places, what a Plaisier, and even the 5er routes are beautifully drilled and require great movements. You could also say contortions - but that's exactly what I like when climbing. Pretty much balancing work from the bottom is needed, sometimes push to the left, sometimes to the right. The size of the structures is deceptive, often it is only runners, small strips and warts, which are useful for advancing.

    To get started, the route took us Neverland (5+) Im very pondering: "a courageous transfer" it is probably, and finally enough heart in the leg to dare this. Wonderful! Peter's moon ride (5) was no longer a problem after that shirker (6-) and Straight through (6?) As well The big quiz (6+) rounded off the thing. If not the easy climbing out in the Little hobbit (4) and the Efeukante (4+) had unexpected difficulties 😉

    Even though the climbing was interrupted by a brief rainstorm from a passing thunderstorm and a longer break was broken, our visit to Albbruck was certainly the last! By the way, down by the little river lies a small hut, which served us as a coffee house. Greetings to the many climbers "older semester", so really! Not often have I experienced such a homey mood at the foot of the rock, thank you at this point for the warm welcome to "your" rock!

    The only downside: on the entrances are a lot of broken glass, pooh! If everyone could take care and take their stuff back home with them ... And maybe the beer bottles on the way to the cabin, which probably also serves the local youth for other purposes, broke down, and not just as a climber's coffee house.

    Literature: Climbing guide Schwarzwald: Band South



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