Adidas Terrex Boost Trail Running Shoe

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    Adidas Terrex Boost Trail Running Shoe

    A new shoe for a "new" life! After much too long time finally out again, build condition, experience nature.

    The workout

    As some of you may have realized, 2015 is for me so far not so good "run", Now the doctors marathon is over, the cardiologist said "because of me you can accelerate". That sounds good! Slowly but surely, I screw up my condition again. Sure, with smaller setbacks - the muscles just grow faster than the See join in! So slowly, keep quiet, a lot of accompanying training, stretching and gymnastics, is announced.

    Here on Lake Constance there are still some beautiful, almost unspoilt forests and lots of meadows. Because now Trail Running For the body is gentler than the hard asphalt, I often lay my training runs in the forest. Whether it's a fitness trail or just free and curious exploring the many trails, I have fun outside again, my body again positive and powerful perceive.

    So that I can enjoy it too, Adidas gave me her new trail running shoe "Terrex boost", Which I introduce to you here.

    The shoe

    Terrex is Adidas' new outdoor brand. Adidas has been in the shoe business for a long time and they know what they are doing. You can tell that with the shoe. Slip on, feel good, start running!

    The "boost" in the name refers to a new foam-damping mixture, which promises to release a little more energy with each kick.

    The fit is cut rather narrow, but the shoe sits like a sock around the foot. I wear it a whole lot bigger, so that suits me well. The easy and fast lacing works smoothly, the long straps can be shortened. 

    With the 6mm blasting, the roll-off behavior during normal walking is already really good, and at the middle foot race I have not yet worn a trail shoe, which literally helps to push forward. With fast passages one notices this clearly.

    Light and airy, the outer material plays in my hands or feet right now in summer. The shoe is so well ventilated that one feels, with every step a draft to feel. Super pleasant!

    My conclusion

    A shoe that is fun! I had to get used to the altitude first. The first runs came to me the shoe in the Fesenbereich a bit "wobbly" before, but that has settled and now I stand bombproof in it. On gravel roads he keeps me on the ground, without pressing the stones through, on muddy paths, the profile tidy and on smooth surfaces, he sticks well on the ground.

    Overall, a good trail running shoe, excellently processed and with me as well approach shoe for climbing in action.



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