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    6 tips to prepare for the ski season

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    6 tips to prepare for the ski season

    (Advertising) That the summer is over, has probably proven the ice-cold cooling last week: In Austria, the first snow fell, as well as on the Zugspitze. For many, this is probably a welcome refreshment after the hot summer. But also soon again: slices scrape, thick sweaters on, winter jackets out and the car needs at the latest in October again winter tires. And for us hikers the end of the season. Of course, winter also has its great sides to comfort us. Keyword: winter holidays! Maybe you have already planned a skiing holiday with the family?

    Whether you're gear junkies or outdoor freaks, it's time to tune in to winter before the snow begins to drop even in the lower reaches. Here are a few tips and ideas on how best to sit up Skiing and snowboarding prepared and your anticipation of perfect powder snow days guaranteed increases.

    1. Off to training!

    In the ski cities, the local gyms often offer ski-specific exercise classes and programs to prepare the ski slopes for the slopes before it really snows. Elsewhere there is not really a reason, so skiers have to put together their own ski-oriented workouts. Once a week a 60-minute cardio unit is perfect. It does not matter if you are cycling, walking on a treadmill or hiking in the mountains. These are all good general ski prep cardio workouts.

    Additionally recommended light weight training to strengthen the muscles. Here are a few suggestions: Squats and lunges help strengthen the quadriceps, while step-ups and deadlifts help strengthen the hamstrings and glutes, which is also important to getting a good shape on the slopes. In addition, exercises to strengthen the trunk such as Planks or cycling are highly recommended. You can also find it on the internet lots of videos and instructions. Then the sore muscles after skiing should not occur so fast.

    2. The right equipment

    Every year many skiers face the same questions: buying or borrowing material? Basically one can say that the purchase of own equipment in the middle price range expects about two to three weeks ski vacation in the year. However, skis and shoes must be neatly maintained so that everything works properly. Therefore, especially for beginners and skiers who are less often on the slopes, often the rental of ski equipment is the better option. Because the borrowed material is always maintained and you benefit from a large selection of skis, shoes etc. Often you can even exchange everything again, should something not fit, which is often the case with shoes. And after a total of around 100 days of skiing you should think about a new purchase.

    3. The right outfit

    The expensive high-tech jacket or the old favorite model? Basically, it is important that you pay attention to a good fit and full freedom of movement. In addition, the jacket should have all known closures for protection against snow, rain and cold. It goes without saying that the material should be waterproof and windproof, as well as breathable underwear and the well-known onion techniqueso that you do not sweat or freeze: several matching, thin layers and already the thing is done. And last but not least, the outfit will have to please at least a little, otherwise you will not put it on. The choice between cheap and stylish outfit or expensive high-tech outfit is up to you, but today does not really affect the driving experience.

    4. Check Helmet, Glasses and Co.

    You probably can not remember the crash last season - but your helmet is. Therefore, also check this regularly. For, for example, small cracks may have been created that limit your safety. Of course, this also applies without falling before the first ski tour. The same is important for ski goggles. A good ski goggles makes the descent much more pleasant and safe. It optimizes visibility, provides protection against UV radiation, and prevents the penetration of snow and moisture into the eye. Of course, the glasses have to be free from cracks and scratches and the anti-fog protection should still work.

    5. Boost your anticipation and shop new technology

    There is never a shortage of innovative new equipment and tools for skiers and snowboarders, and the 2018/2019 season looks good in this regard as well. For the coming winter, some of the products that are beating waves in the market are of course GoPros again, Sports Watches to measure any activity, but also funny gadgets like Power Banks, which serve as hand warmer and flashlight.

    6. Inquire in advance about your goal

    We all know since the last winters that it can sometimes have +10 degrees in winter and the conditions are not always optimal on the slopes. Therefore offer many regions In the meantime, a lot of alternative outdoor activities are required in poor runway conditions. Ski touring, snowshoeing, ... In Zell am See, for example, there is an exclusive mountain only for such tours. The tour to the Ronachkopf is a simple route with 500 meters of altitude and 2,500 meters in length. And cross-country skiers will get their money's worth with the high-altitude trail on the Schmittenhöhe. But also Nordic Walking around Lake Zell are popular alternatives to normal skiing.

    Conclusion: Preparation is important, but it can be fun A proper equipment, just like hiking, is also the basis for skiers and snowboarders for a pleasant and safe time on the slopes. This includes cleaning and proper storage during the summer, but above all checking the ski helmet, ski goggles, clothing and skis. Once that's done, you can relax and enjoy the new season and check out the area!



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