A sunny weekend and the desire for nature make us decide to run the highly acclaimed 5-lake hike on Pizol (Switzerland). That we are not alone with this idea (oh surprise), already shows in Wangs at the gondola. For 44 francs (half-fare 22 francs) all railways to be used are included. The gondola hovers with us after ford. From there we are transported by 2 chairlifts a few meters above Gaffia to the Pizolhütte to 2227 m. Here starts our tour.

A few meters to the east is the first of the 5 lakes, Wangser Lake. Now we just follow the crowd and gasp up the hardest part of the tour. The mountain trail leads past the Schwarze Hörner mountain range and demands breath. Unfortunately, I am stressed by the many like-minded people and get a headache.

So just a short break on the side of the road, let the faster hikers past and I feel more comfortable. We now take a peep stop at the deep blue, crystal-clear Wildsee. Beautiful! The temperature difference of 20 degrees to Wangs makes me wear the jacket. Even ibex can be observed in the distance. Quickly we are at the Schottensee, which invites with the upstream meadow for a snack. Now it goes downhill to Schwarzsee and again slightly ascending to Baseggla, where impressive many stonemasons are placed.

Here, too, we linger, watch the paragliders, interpret everything from the kebab to the anvil into the "Steinmännle" and let our eyes wander over the valley basin from Sargans to Liechtenstein. To Baschalvasee it goes down comfortably. Some refresh themselves with a bath .. (while I feel it just so cuddly in the jacket). The last part goes now over pastures / meadows to the mountain station Gaffia, from there we can bring us down again with engine.

Conclusion of the day: Pretty varied hike

BUT: happy to be crowded. A recommendation from me: If you do not want to overcrowd it, choose a not so predestined day.

Here are the tour dates:

Likes long walks - preferably with a tent. And woe, someone wants to increase your comfortable walking pace!

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