3 days in Sellrain: Pforzheimer Hütte and the Zischgeles

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    3 days in Sellrain: Pforzheimer Hütte and the Zischgeles

    Day 1: Approach from St. Sigmund in the Sellrain up to the Pforzheim hut 2308m

    In St. Sigmund 1542m there is a paid parking lot on the outskirts on the left side (coming from the Inntal). From here you walk first south along the asphalt road, past a very beautiful forest playground. Here in the Gleirschtal is also the Gleirschalm, which happens soon. Then the valley widens and you walk inland between flower meadows, cows, sheep and goats. Now the valley is a little narrower and the rough gravel road steeper. Follow the path that meanders parallel to the Gleirschbach up to the material cable car of the Pforzheimer Hütte. Now you have already the goal in mind: the Pforzheim hut perched at the top of the mountain. After the cable car you cross the stream and follow the steeper, narrow trail (moderate, red mountain trail) on the right slope. After 2 hours we reach the hut on time for dinner and decide immediately for the delicious spinach dumplings.

    Distance: 7.3km Difference in altitude: 790hm Map: Compass Map No.83: Stubai Alps

    Day 2: Pforzheim hut 2308m - Zischgeles 3004m - Pforzheimer hut

    Today the hut is completely covered in fog and visibility is zero. We decide to wait a while, if the visibility improves and we can dare the summit rise of the Zischgeles. After a fortifying breakfast, the fog continues and big holes open up. We start at 9 clock and run from the hut in the southeast downhill to the valley floor of the Gleirschtals. We cross the Gleirschbach and follow the path no.143 on the left side of the stream. It goes further and further into the valley in the direction of Gleirschferner, which you always keep in view at the end of the valley. When the sky is overcast, it looks threatening and the ice appears powerful and dark blue. After a while the path meanders through blooming alpine roses and a larger stone field. After that we follow the signs to the left to Zischgeles. From now on the meadow slope goes steadily steep uphill to the so-called Sattelschröfen. Marmots whistle and warn their peers in front of us. The path is extremely dense marked by red and white markings. This is the only way to find your way back when the fog comes on. Once at the top of the steep step, you go over a large plateau of glittering stones and a large snowfield, but we bypass the left. Now it goes along the Zischgeles Nordkamms south towards the summit cross. We already see it, but the way there requires some time and energy. Shortly before the summit we have to climb over the broad, blocked summit ridge. At the end the path turns into a black mountain path and you reach the summit cross with easy climbing. The visibility must be good here and the rocks should be dry. Otherwise, some places are too exposed and without sight the last summit would be too dangerous. We are lucky and can admire the surrounding glaciers and peaks of the Stubai Alps. From the left another path leads up to the summit: the easier ascent of Praxmar, as I later learn from the landlord. The route from Praxmar is in winter also the much committed and popular ski tour, which I would like to do sometime ...... The descent corresponds to the ascent. 

    Day 3 Descent back to St. Sigmund

    Unfortunately, we have to go down today, although the weather has become really nice again today. Through the fresh and pure morning air we take the same route as the approach, back to Sellraintal to St. Sigmund. For the descent we need at comfortable speed with breaks 2h.




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