24 hours winter challenge

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    24 hours winter challenge

    Thick snowflakes, muted silence, only broken by the cracking of the trees. A winter day in the forest.

    Chance decides!

    I make up my mind and get on the bus that should come next. It was the 4, such a coincidence! The 4 brings me always in one of the most beautiful corners here on Lake Constance: on the Bodanrück, Here I am often on the road, because there is a nice trail through a lot of unspoiled nature. That's pretty rare on Lake Constance, because somehow everyone wants to have a plot on the lake, with lake access of course.

    The spoon of Dettingen

    So I get off in Wallhausen, go the short and well-known piece along the lake and then turn left and puff up the few vertical meters. Simply because there were no traces. At the burghof is silence, I continue in the direction of Dettingen. Wow, it's still snowing! Thick, heavy snowflakes. I plow through the snow, sit down on a bench, enjoy a hot tea. When I come to enjoy it comes to mind: only a few days ago I sorted my equipment, including the Jetboil stove. And then I took out the spoon. That means the spoon is not in it anymore. That means again: I have no spoon here! How am I supposed to eat my delicious dinner without a spoon tonight? So on to Dettingen, there will be a spoon bucket?

    Dettingen. Coffee-and-cake-time. A beautiful Dörflein, here are still bakers and butchers. So right. With comparatively little, but delicious selection. At the butcher, I hope for a spoon, buy a pair of country hunters and get a plastic fork. Not bad at all. A corner further, there is a shop. Above supermarket, downstairs beverage market, drugstore and hardware store. I stroll through the shelves, cover myself with chocolate and find in the basement actually soup spoons in a triple pack. Of course, I'm already looked at a bit diagonally, as I stand there in my new winter mountain boots and the big backpack at the cash register and put my chocolate and the spoon on the tape. Anyway, I have dinner!

    winter forest

    Out of the village, down the street and right into the forest. Gorgeous! I just go on it, here this way, sometimes there right, then left again. The boots are great! Maybe even a tad too warm, it's not really cold today.

    It dawns, I leave the burial mound on the left, and go on. Always a view of the landscape, maybe I find a nice storage area. But somehow it does not suit me. Finally, it gets darker and darker, I'm just before Hegne, a look at the map shows me a fountain on the right. Of course I do not think so, no idea if he is really there. But I find lovely hills, just between Hegne and Allensbach. If you go up there you are in the void. Only white, gentle hills. I climb to the highest point so as not to lie in a cold hole and look for a flat spot.

    Cuddly warm and yet freezing cold

    The tent is set up quickly, I still have warm water, so I lie jerk-in with a satisfied grin in mine Sleeping bag and dine royally. Boeuf Stroganoff out of the bag is really delicious! Cuddly warm, with a full belly, I switch off the light and listen to the snowflakes that trickle down to the tent. Something bothers me, however: no matter how I turn and turn, where I lie on the mat, creeps ice cold in the bones.

    I would have better those Winterisomatte packed! After an hour, I give up, pack up quickly and march to the station. It would have been nice, but no matter what! Better to stay healthy, I want ice climbing on the weekend, a week later I'm going to Morocco. It would be a shame if I messed it up with an icy night on an unsuitable mattress in the snow.

    Preliminary conclusion

    All in all, I'm completely satisfied with my winter gear:

    • Millet Brenva Evo Mountain Boots: Top! (Thanks for that, Markus!)
    • Cumulus Teneque 700 Sleeping bag: the thing almost lightens the tent!
    • MSR Hubba HP: my little green for the first time in winter use.
    • high pile fleece plus Active Shell to go and about it Primaloft One during breaks or in the tent: great combination! Could still endure some minus degrees more! Merino Longjohn and Softshellhose 'over it was quite enough.
    • Jetboil: awesome because small and everything (well, if you leave the damn spoon in it!). Cold was not a problem, but let's see how it goes with really cold temperatures. In an emergency, warm up briefly in the sleeping bag.

    A real acid test is of course still out, the temperatures today were rather mild, so around 0 ° I think.




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