24 hour challenge

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    24 hour challenge

    Good things

    Somewhere I've read of some guys who wanted to know how far they can get in 24 hours. When I spoke yesterday about Alastair Humprey's idea of Micro Adventures When I stumbled, the backpack was packed quickly and I started walking at about 2 o'clock. In the luggage: sleeping bag, mat, Biwaksack, Cooker and high calorie, headlamp and the firm will to walk as far as I should have done. Goal: on Lake Constance along.

    Around Hörnle around and continue along the Obersee in the direction of Bodman. But already at the ferry pier at Egg was finally over and I fled into the shadows and into the arms of a cool cyclist. I did not expect this heat. Had to put on a pair of pants. But so I muffled in the softshell pants in their own juice. After a short cooling phase we went on to the Mainau. Here I already felt the rather unfamiliar burden of a swift march with luggage. A short refreshment, and on, still in the best mood.

    The villages passed by, the lake always in the corner of their eyes. After 3:30 hours already 12 kilometers done, wow! A seaside resort, well visited, then another and one more. Some even bathed! The calves hurt, have probably been a bit over the past few weeks. Oh, go on, that's alright. Wallhausen ahead - and with it the sweet promise to finally come down from the tar and gravel roads' and dive into the forest on my favorite trail here on the lake.

    The end

    In Wallhausen then, on the beach, still a rest, actually only to replenish water (I have not even drunk a liter to here?). This then became a longer rest with another cyclist and a small Swiss sausage salad. Kilometer 17 after a total of 4 hours. Im done! Do not come out of the chair and even less in the now too small shoes. From Sunday to Monday we want to do a longer geocache tour, maybe I should not exhaust myself completely. I can quickly come up with more excuses. I break off.

    Lessons learned:

    • despite euphoria and just when things are going well, let it take a slow approach!
    • Wear comfortable, lightweight trail runners / sneakers. That would have spared me the bubble.
    • Not only thinking about it getting cool at night, the heat at noon can be uncomfortable as well.
    • Leave more time when packing: without handle pliers for the pot, no bag lining and no coffee!
    • more drinking
    • less sausage salad
    • In short, slowly approaching distances - a 50, 60, 70 kilometer hike in one go is not a good start to the hiking season!




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