2014 Challenges: Learning to ski

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    2014 Challenges: Learning to ski

    (Advertising) I can tell you: even before I'm clever as a Swabian, I still want to achieve something *. Learning to ski, among other things, and I did that on the weekend. With Martina, who held hands, comforted and built. And with Peter, a real ski instructor with nerves like wire ropes.

    But let's start at the beginning, on Friday. Since we drove namely from Lake Constance to Kappl in Tyrol. Once there, we looked around the village, hit some time dead and got the necessary equipment. On loan, of course. So ski, ski boots and matching socks, the most important thing on all skiing. Anyway, the saleswoman was convinced because of course I bought them. Oh, and I also got ski poles because "it looks more dynamic". The first go-tests in those chunky plastic parts failed, I stumbled up the stairs, over the parking lot and around in that area. Well, they are not made to walk.

    The evening we spent comfortably in our home on time. A small apartment with all sorts of bells and whistles: stove, refrigerator, table, bed, coffee maker, television. Nice, clean. A completely contaminated landlady, though, where you never knew where to look, because she feels the same way. You know such people.

    On Saturday it started. After I had fallen asleep, the night was over rather quickly and we were therefore rather late. Breakfast was served, the ski bus hijacked and ski passes checked. Already I was in the gondola, and already I was in the middle of the ski circuit. Everywhere colorful people rushed past me. So in real terms it all looks a bit more uncontrolled than in the cool ski and boarder movies.

    There was still time until ten, so I strapped on the boards and moved horizontally back and forth in front of the Lifthouse. This must have been an awesome watcher, because everyone grinned so nice and friendly. A nice bunch, these skiers!

    Then came Peter. At ten o'clock, as agreed, he stood there in his red suit. Without big words it started directly. Buckle up (the skis) and "let's go there until then, there's more space" .. Yes hergottsack, to drive * learn * I'm there, so how am I supposed to come before? Since it was already bissl downhill, so the greater concern was the front-there-stop again. But I'm a big boy, the man in me clenched his teeth and skidded there. Went well. Fine.

    It was followed by some exercises, such as: ski-in-the-circle running, sideways-the-mountain-high, 2-meter-slightly-inclined-shot-drive with all sorts of movements, squat, getting up, etc .. I was then somehow quickly boring, he probably noticed immediately, the Peter, because then I was already Gaaaanz front on the edge of the track. Idiotshügel, Kinderübungshügel and so on Martina called this enormously steep slope, which stops down quite abruptly and breaks off into the valley.

    I do not remember exactly what followed one after the other, at least for my liking I skittered down there on my own. In the plow, of course. Plow is the 1 × 1 of skiing, so you brake. Extremely important, I think.

    Again and again I slid down the slope, with and without poles, with Peter on the floor and without .. Skiing is like climbing: everything comes from the legs and it is a matter of the head. Only one has a rope while climbing. Anyway, skiing is completely counterintuitive: to slow down you have to lean forward and into the valley! This will clear your body and mind, the two have conspired and try to cling with all their might to the safety-promising slope. With much concentration and will it works to lean on the downhill leg to drive in the direction of the slope. The strangest thing, however, is the moment when you should turn back from the bend, the skis are to show case by case in the valley, and then directly to the other leg, the downside, of course, load. That's about like .. no idea, weightless or something.

    Lunch! Keusht and courageous I drive towards this hut with the great terrace. Martina with her board ahead. All of a sudden it gets steep. For about 5 meters distance. Martina is downstairs, encouraging me. Nothing works anymore, much too steep. So I unbuckle the skis, turn them 180 ° and drive a wide arc. Not glorious, but without a fall I can at least sit and eat in the sun.

    At one go on. Actually, it almost goes back to the beginning, the bratwurst and the Almdudler seem to have supplanted everything learned. Again and again, the same exercises: from the knees, to the knees, hand to knee .. it works better, so every second corner I get quite passable, some near-falls I can just catch so. Peter asks how I feel, so forcefully. No idea, good? I feel nothing unusual, all right. He asks because he thinks about going up in the lift and driving a piste. So that I can see that. I can then continue with exercises below. I'm excited! Sure, power is still, funny question .. So in the chairlift, up out, went well too. Say, half an hour later, it was clear to me what he meant. Meanwhile, I fell, the concentration decreases rapidly, of course, after four hours drive. "Verkantet" said Peter, I said: "no idea !?" After all, there are flatter pieces on which the gliding is really beautiful and I can briefly enjoy the beautiful weather for a few minutes. I now cover the other pieces of the track with silence. Only so much should be said: Today my knee hurts, and Peter said: "now it's never far, just made it".

    But hey: I skied - and I'll do it again!

    * Whether this is already the Midlifecrisis or not I do not care in principle, because it is animal fun!

    Midlife crisis or not, who now has the desire for a ski holiday, should not hesitate for a long time and the fun not to be missed. By now I almost only book over the internet because it's more convenient and faster. There are also usually cheaper deals. My tip, not only checks the usual travel portals, but also experience portals like mydays & Co.

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